ok, I've been frustrated as hell trying to tab out things in guitar pro for awhile now and just caved in and decided to ask for help.

Im pretty sure Im getting the right timing and note durations for the things Im tabbing out, but I cant get certain things to sound right at all. (except for the ghost notes, but I explained later on in this post)

usually I get stuck when I need a note held at the end of a measure a bit longer.

so what I did was add in a duplicate of the notes I need held slightly longer (but not long enough to warrant using the next note up) and made them ghost notes so you could see which ones they were.

I need the notes I marked this way to, instead of being played again, simply to be held onto longer (and not in time with the ghost notes). I think you'll be able to know what Im trying to say if you listen to it, the right "feel" will jump out at you, even though the one in the tab is terribly, terribly wrong.

any idea how I can fix this? I know that with the ghost notes added, its terribly out of time, but I needed to mark them somehow so you can see what Im trying to talk about.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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