i will list the songs out to an upcoming gig could somebody suggest an order to play these songs:btw we play alternative,indie,rock

Starlight(Fast, Upbeat Song)
Jimmy & Rose(moderate, happy)
well last forever(slow,sad, make people cry lol)
nothing fake about me(moderate ,average song)
on my own(slow, pretty boring, our worst song)
touch the sky(moderate, happy)
song without a name yet(fast, maybe our best song, happy, upbeat)
oi oi oi(fast,happy)

drugs dont work - the verve
knocking on heavens door - guns n roses
i bet you look good on the danceflloor - arctic monkeys
mardy bum - arctic monkeys
sunshine of your love - creme
day tripper- the beatles
1 more cover (undecided as yet)
Just play what songs YOU like. Play the ones that you think are the most popular/best at the very end of the show. Start off with something good too though so people will stick around.
Portugal. The Man »–