Well, recently, when me and my band I'm getting together would **** around/practice songs I would occasionally sing(mainly growling and screaming). So, it has been decided that I'm damn good and am going to get a vocal rig. What the heck does one of these encompass? Before I was just plugging this ****ty mic i found into my guitar amp and turning it to a clean channel with no effects and all my settings in the middle. So, what are you actually supposed to do for vocals?

(I put this in Songwriting and Lyrics first because I figured they would know(for obvious reasons), but they're dicks and it was reported, so I come back to the Pit. The place where all roads eventually end.)
Well, It was closed for a reason. Certainly no answer Will be found here. Reported, For somewhat stupidity.
Cause it didn't belong in the songwriting and lyrics forum, nor does it belong here.

All I can say is you shouldn't plug a mic into a guitar amp.

Ehh..To help you out, buy a cheap PA. I thought that was fairly common knowledge.
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So, it has been decided that I'm damn good.

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