So, I feel I've had enough experience working on my 2 store bought guitars to try my hand at building my own. I picked up some poplar today and im going to cut it to size tomorrow.

To "The Ultimate Template Thread" set scale to 200% eh?

ok, scaled correctly this time, and yes i know the middle line is off, ill fix it later

and now for specs:
-22 fret, rosewood neck
-wrap around bridge
-sperzel locking tuners
-les paul wiring kit from stew mac

im getting a box of 10 or so pickups from a friend, so im going to decide which ones i want when i get them in hand.

stay tuned and hope this doesnt crash and burn
P.S. sorry for pic size and blurry pics...damn webcam
man thats awesome as, im doing an lp too, but i need to try and figure out how to rewire it
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That is the sickest paint job in all of GB&C

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well, try out a combo and see how it sounds. If the neck's too loud, you've got'em bass-ackwards.

The wires should come out of the bottom side of the pickup so the wire should come out of the end farthest from you when your playing it that should tell you witch one's neck and bridge.
why did you orient the grain like that on the left side of the guitar. you cant glue endgrain, is not stable enough
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If you'd like, when i restring my epi lp in a week or two i'll take the pickups out, take a picture of the bottoms and label them so you can see where the wires come out on each one
You cut it out with a router? Well it's a good way to make life harder for yourself i suppose...
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You cut it out with a router? Well it's a good way to make life harder for yourself i suppose...

He probably just doesn't have any other way of doing it. I couldn't imagine cutting a body out with a router but you have to work with what you got. Just hope that glue joint will stay...
Lightly dampen the end grain with a damp cloth/rag, spread on a thin layer of glue and let it sit for a minute or two. Then glue as normal and assemble. The problem is that the end grain absorbs the glue and starves the joint, robbing it of any real strength. By pre-gluing the end grain, you're essentially blocking the flow away from the joint; the glue pretty much has to stay put.

An end grain joint still won't be as strong as a face/side grain joint even with pre-gluing, because if you think about it, you're really gluing holes together face to face. There's simply less material for the glue to grab on to. But pre-gluing it will strengthen the joint considerably. Try it and see.
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You cut it out with a router? Well it's a good way to make life harder for yourself i suppose...

haha +1, When I saw a router on top of a piece of wood that looked like a baby ate it, I was like you didnt just do that!

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You should have bought a cheap Jig-Saw , your gonna have to sand like mad to get the edges decent, nice job tough for using a router.
^You can cut anything with a router, just get a ball bearing bit and use a template.

seriously, it's fairly common to rout bodies out. you can rout an entire body and rout the pockets out in an hour or so, all with one tool. It's pretty handy.

that end grain gluing is worrying me...
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that end grain gluing is worrying me...

On the side of the body? Theres no string tension or anything going on there. It'll probably be fine, unless he drops it

But yeah a template and a bearing router bit would have helped you out a lot.

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Well at least the build is getting attention...even though it seems most of the attention is focused on my end grain and "poor" choice of tool to cut out the body. I'll make due with what ive got...I'm not looking to make an ormsby build here ....time to go sand some "baby eaten" wood