This is the first time I've written anything on the spot, so tell me if it shows and why. just to let you know, its about someone wanting to take a relationship too fast, which caused it to end. Happy reading!

How many times did you have to say,
"C'mon. Lets go. You're slowing me down"?
How many times must you fade away,
Away from me, away from me.

The faster you push,
You think the faster I'll go,
But stop and think,
I can't help that I'm slow-oh-oh.
So go on without me,
You wouldn't stop anyway
Leave me breathless,
Leave me to take my grave-aave.

How many times did I have to say,
"I can't keep up, come back, I still need you here,"
How many times must I ask you to come and save
Me from your nonstop, don't stop, can't stop ways.

Step after step, I can't catch up to you,
Step after step, I won't keep up with you,
Step after step, I stop and now I'm through,
Through with the race you started
Now we're falling apart,


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C4C naturally.
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