for school my teache wants me to play guitar and I said yes but she wants to be classical and it can't be electric and i've bben looking for songs I could play but haven't found anyone here know some fricken awesome cool classical guitar song that I can play on the acoustic
Dee - Randy Rhoads
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yes, thank you guitarfreak. free bj for you anytime. just not from me. no homo.
Does it have to be a classical piece or just played on a classical guitar??

You can do Babe I'm Gonna Leave You which can sound pretty cool on a classical guitar. Or check out this duo that does thrash metal on classical guitars (they're freakin Awesome)
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Tamacun Be sure to watch it right through to the end the end of the song is phenomenally sublime. They used to play Metallica and Sepultura on their classical guitars in fancy restaurants and people had no idea what it was they just thought it was some beautiful dinner music. Here's them doing Orion by Metallica

Good Luck.