So I bought one of these new-fangled DTV Converter Boxes today and hooked it up and everything works alright. Unfortunately, where I was previously able to receive CBS with my rabbit-ear antenna, now I am not. That is, I get every other basic channel (NBC, FOX, ABC, etc.) EXCEPT for CBS. Does anyone know why this is? Is CBS not broadcasting digitally yet? I don't think I'd be able to stomach it if you told me I wouldn't be able to see Craig Ferguson anymore.

Before you ask, I checked both the DTV site and CBS.com for answers, but found none.

The converter box's rf frequencies thats being given off is probably interfering with the channel. It does the same thing with FOX on my tvs's at the moment. Try moving the antenna away from the converter box and see if you get any change.
Okay, I moved it, but, it's not even detecting CBS as a channel. It's not weak signal or anything, it's just not there. Now that I've moved it, should I "Rescan" or "Update" or something? That's what I did the first time when it detected most of my current channels.
i have the same issue sometimes...(i live in UT)...we have TWO antennas...one on the roof and rabbit ears...CBS comes in best using the roof antenna.
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