so i have listed a tremolo arm (whammy bar) hehe whammy.
anywhoo i listed it on ebay and its from a squier stratocaster. which as you know are made by fender.

and a nice lady has asked me if it would fit her 2004 mexican fender strat.
i said to her fender own squier etc and said it would probably fit but i wasnt sure,

so does a tremolo arm from a squier stratocaster fit a fender stratocaster?
thats the second time somebodys replied "sure"
is that a comment just saying if you want to blah blah blah
or sure as in yes it will fit.
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sure, lol as in yes why shouldn't it work

dont blame him for asking, you never know

and yes, it will work
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Not necessarily. I've sifted through tons of those things, the thread on the import bridges doesn't always match that on the MIM and MIA ones. Come to my store, I'd be happy to give you one of each.
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i have figured out the thread size of the squier is 5mm i think. i just need the diameter of a mexican strat bridge.

and thanks for the offer but its along way to travel to georgia from scotland for a tremolo arm.