I wired this thing up a day ago, and I think the switch isn't a quick momentary (there might be moments of no connection, I think)


I used it as a killswitch with 2 standbys, so I could use it like I was picking. The only problem, is that (regardless of the amp or gain) there's a click.

Again, I think it might have a moment during the switch being thrown where it's disconnected. Any ideas how to solve it (or should I replace it with a standard killswitch)?
the click is sometimes a natural thing on killswitches, not sure if its abnormal or not without a sound sample.
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I have one wired into my explorer, but it's a simple off->on switch set as a standby, and not a momentary toggle, again, I think it's the way it's set up internally.

given the wiring is correct, any ideas how to remove the click?