I was wondering if one could take say, a Dano FAB Chorus pedal (to practice with because it's cheap and not completely terrible), and 'convert' it into an on-board effect for your guitar. If you can, how hard would it be? And would you have to drill to put controls on the surface of the body? Thanks!

Ps. I'm new to modding, so the more detail the better!
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pedals modded into a guitar are pretty handy at times (IE, if you are using the effect all the time) but most of the time its kinda a pain...if the circuit board is small enough you can drill holes for the controls and just wire it so that the output goes into the input of the effect then the output goes to your normal output jack...keep in mind you need to be able to fit a 9v as well as your nomal controls for the guitar in...one neat effect thats easy to mod into a guitar is putting in a passive overdrive on a pot (replacing a tone)...just wire a pair of low-threshold diodes back to back where you would normally have the tone cap and presto, instant light overdrive sounds...if you still want to have the tone control, wire the cap as normal in series with a switch and the diode pair so you can switch back and forth between tone control and the clipping control

good luck