Hey does anyone know how many db an acoustic guitar generates. I sometimes play for eight or nine hours strait and I'm already about deaf to begin with. I wear protection with my electric guitar but not acoustic didn't think of it. what do you think?
Lets just say that a train or subway car is probably louder than an acoustic guitar most of the time. The decibel level depends on your guitar as well since they all differ. Honestly though, the adverse affects on your ears are probably worse on an air plane ride than an acoustic guitar for an equal amount of time. (Acoustically, and not plugged in, of course)
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Your worried about ear damage with an acoustic? I doubt it can hurt you all. An ipod is louder than an acoustic imo. I play with a 50 watt tube amp about 5 hours a day and haven't noticed any hearing loss.

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"what how many db acoustic", that's funny. As far as hearing loss from an acoustic, it's probably all in your head, or from some other source (maybe headphones?).