So I decided a while ago as a gift to my grandparents, I would put together my own Christmas album for them...

I don't want too many songs (It would take too long to record, mix and master during exam times)...

But I need suggestions for good songs on this album...


- I will be playing only instrumental... so all lyrical melodies will be turned into guitar or bass depending on the cover
- They do not have to be holiday or Christmas related songs, they only need to fit the "type of music"
- All covers will be played with clean guitar/bass and jazzy
- The song can be difficult or advanced, but because of my time restraint and lack of decent recording equipment, Multi-tracking must be limited to 3 individual instruments (2 guitar tracks, one bass)


-Fly me to the moon
-Bouree (done in a similar fashion to the Jethro Tull cover)
-Baby it's cold outside
-What a wonderful World
-Gymnopedie (The UG Christmas album reminded me of how wonderful the piece is )

Thanks a lot.
Do like a fingerpicking version of Carol Of The Bell... that song always gives me a awsome sized boner...
My signature has doubled...
My signature has doubled...
ask them wat thier favorite songs were subtly and get the music for them
-Jake Blackwood