Ok so you know, recession blah blah blah, I don't have a job anymore and can't find either.

So I really need to listen to a lot of songs and I made, these past months , threads asking some recomended songs to listen....

So, like you probably guessed, yeah... I am not for piracy or anything. I am even against it and considering my family's economic situation , plus we didn't if I can say "turn poor" when recession started, but already were under the mid-class.

And now, I am actually freaking out because I have a very low "music library". I still have a lot of CDs like Buckethead, old guns n' roses stuff, Ac Dc, Van Halen , but I really can't explore more the music.

I go a hundred of times on youtube to listen to songs and all, I even have a playlist in my profile from this website playlist.com or w/e. But I don't have a pc with me all day long.

And now I am kinda on the border limit since I really need to listen to "full albums" from artists. And while reading forums, I saw a lot of these threads "where can I download the album of x artist?". I knew it was possible but I didn't want to enter in piracy thingys.

So, my question is, do you guys think that for a poor bastard like , I should be allowed (well not really ALLOWED but like, people shouldn't really yell at me "SHAME ON YOU PIRACY BASTARD!) to download....albums/songs?

I think this thread has been done many times... But it never was explained like that IMO. Nor was it exposed as an argument to discuss universaly. Also, mods can close this thread/ask me to delete anytime and sorry for the invoncenience or h/e it's written.

TL;DR I am poor, need to explore more music stuff, really feel like an ignorant, should I be excluded of all that shame of piracy?
It's still stealing. Granted, you've at least spent some money in the music industry and the bands are rich anyways. I say go ahead but expect to lose sleep over it because it's still not doing the right thing.
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Do what you want, man.
This is why I don't like arguing on the internet.
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If only you could back that statement up.
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No need to, absurd generalizations aren't my thing.
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maybe u could ask friends for cds?

Eh, in Montreal [or the town I live in that is in montreal], in each corners are crack dealers shouting "Yo dawg, I heard you like crack so we..." etc...

Ignoring that stereotype, what I mean is that no friends of mine actually listen to my kind of music. Each time they hear an instrumental song, they start whining and you know...

I searched for better friends/people that likes my style before but ... "no cigar"


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pirate, and the go out and purchase the ones you actually like

Well yeah I actualy though about doing that and I really am buying some buckethead cds and other artists I heard songs from youtube and songs.
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Do as you wish man. The only thing stopping you is you. And remember, artsits make more money off tours than albums.

That's actually a very encouraging post, thanks alot dude
Start listening to independent artists who approve of file sharing.

Then go to their shows when they're in town.