Me being a bassist i bought a cheap yahama paficia to fiddle around on and I've started to get more serious with my guitar playing. Would it be better to upgrade my paficia or should I just get a new guitar? I would probably put in some new pickups and a new bridge and maybe some tuners? If I did get a new guitar I've been looking into a MIM strat or Tele or maybe a Ibanez RG321. what do you guys think?
what amp are you using?
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go for the mim fender or ibanez. at this point, upgrading your pacifica wouldn't make sense, and you'd probably end up getting another guitar when you got more serious. the ibanez plays well, but the pickups are crap (most stock ibanez pickups are).

I've loved ever fender I've ever had, but others hate 'em; the choice is up to you.

second thought: if you're playing a guitar through your bass amp, you could probably afford the ibanez' bad pickups because the bass amp won't capture the guitar tone as well as a decent amp, so it's really up to you.