Topic. Southbound Pachyderm has an intense Ending Jam.
Check it out! If you do listen, ignore the bass playing on the songs. I recorded them when i was alot worse then i am now.

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The Beyond This Life live jam is amazing.

Also, when I saw Rush, they played a mini-jam after The Main Monkey Business. It was cool
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The 4 minute piano coda at the end of the plugged version of Layla is ****ing awesome. Better then the meat of the song.
sort of a jam, at the end of their show, showbread just hits the same chord at a constant rate for literally ten minutes straight, while going completely insane, throwing each other off the stage, throwing crap at people, doing wierd solo's over it. its pretty sweet...
Be still my heart, I hear your back cracking...

...sounds like music to me
The healthy 20 minute Echoes jam from Pink Floyd in Pompeii.
Dirty Frank

Just about any Blues jam, stuff from the crossroads festival is amazing.
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When I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers live, they had 3 or 4 stage jams. They had one to start with, then started the intro to can't stop, then Anthony ran on stage and started singing. Then at the end, Chad and Anthony went off, but Flea, John and their extra musician that plays live shows with them stayed on stage. Flea played bass and trumped at different times, and John played guitar and the other guy played drums. It was awesome.
one of my favorites is in only for the night by the rx bandits, in the middle of the song they kick into a sick drum jam and it's just one of the more powerful parts of a song to me. it's amazing.
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I was always fond of Free Bird....fun jam to play. Of course, I never played guitar hero much either...I'm sure the pit's opinion will vary.
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Being a fan of jam bands I find it difficult to answer this question. Way too much material to choose from.
Mountain Jam by the Allman Brothers. Half an hour of good, clean and wholesome fun.

Or like, Vultures by John Mayer. At the end of it the band will fade out and he'll play something neat.
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final cut by coheed

Definitely. The version they do during The Last Supper show is simply incredible.

And here's another one of my favorite live performances...

Dispatch - Passerby

The added solos and energetic ending make it a million times better than the studio version.