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im seriously considering buying one of these soon and was wondering if they're any good
some people swear by me50s and some have told me never to touch one
really need your opinions as its gonna be a bit of a painful purchase with my current budget
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guitar? amp?

There's no point getting a multiFX if you're going to be playing it through a crap amp.
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Terrible. I can say that, because i have on sitting around. Its ok for delay and such, but the distortion is sooo bad.
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i have one, i like it. if i were to do it over, i'd probably get a podxt live though, just for recording purposes. but the me-50 is pretty good, great value, and really easy to use (why i got it). the wah is not that great though. i like the me-50 though, it's pretty good. i would buy it again.
A friend of mine has the ME 50. Having gotten use to my POD XT Live it really doesn't stand up.
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