First thing's first, I am a complete noob to recording, and i want to record so desperately but I've always had trouble doing so.

Anyway, I have a toneport and I'm attempting to record decent tracks with the Ableton Live Lite that it came with. I'm fairly familiar with using it for creating music using MIDI, but I have no experience with it with recording audio.

I'm trying to record a track with solos over it and several different recorded parts and when I record over a track that I've already recorded there is a slight delay between when i actually play the string/chord and when i hear it over my speakers. This makes it EXTREMELY difficult because i either have to play early to compensate for the lag, or play on time (which is confusing as hell because i can hear myself play over the speakers as well) and clip it then drag the track back. i NEED to get rid of this lag somehow. I doubt it's my computer, it's a dell studio(which is a laptop) but it's got a duo core 2.1gHz processors and 4 gigs of RAM, i can't really think of anything else.

Any suggestions or anything would be appreciated a ton.

tl;dr fix my lag pls
Are you recording to a metronome?
That can sometimes make it seem like you are having a lag issue.
Occasionally, but even if i don't use it my playing is delayed about a half a second from when i strum to when it gets to my speakers. It's not delayed in my headphones, but i can't hear the track in my headphones, so i can't tell what i'm playing to or if i'm in time.
check what monitoring options you have on your DAW...some of them also come with delay compensation in the option menus
read the manual is the best other advice i can give
I just checked there is a lag compensation option, I'll give it a try and let you know how it works.
Thanks DeathDealer.
at another forum someone was having similar problems, here is what was suggested
go to: programs/line6/tools/MIDI devices

in the ASIO settings & Tone direct monitoring use the smallest buffer your system can handle
Quote by fridge_raider
Why can't you hear the track in your headphones?

For some reason The toneport makes it so i need to hook up headphones into it to hear the guitar if i'm not recording in ableton. The headphones never lag, but the speakers do. I'm still messing with latency and buffer stuff. I'll keep you guys posted.
ah! figured out that i can do that and then mute the in that ableton's playing and with a little tinkering i got it almost exact, thanks so much guys
does anyone no haw to import music in live 7, like for a backing track?