I'm trying to learn a song that has an open C tuning(CGCGCe) and has a capo on the fourth fret. I have tried to tune the guitar with the capo on and i broke the fourth string. I have replaced the string, but i am lost as to how i am suppose to do the tuning without breaking the string. I have repeated the process almost three times now. I was thinking along the terms of tuning it open and then putting the capo on, but i do not know how to figure that out. Can somebody please help me out and explain how the capo works with the strings?
Step 1.) Tune the guitar to C without the capo.
Step 2.) Put the capo on the fourth fret.
The capo doesn't effect what tuning you're in. For example if I'm in standard E and put a capo on the third fret, I'm still in standard E, just with a capo on the third fret.
Alright. thanks. I read a while back that the capo raises the pitch of the strings and figured that i would need to change the open strings but i was wrong. Thanks again.