Does anyone have any experience with Crook guitars or know about how much one would cost?
Don't know how much they would cost, but I think they're handmade. Which means they're expensive. And Brad Paisley apparently uses them, and any guitarist worth their money loves his tone and playing.
Yeah, I know BRad uses him. and i really like his tone and i want a guitar with a g-bender. I looked up how much it would cost to have one installed and it costs a lot. twas just thinkin i might just have a whole new guitar built with the gbender and everything else i want.
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other great handmade guitars:


I didn't realise Blackmachine made Telecasters, in fact the site has completely changed since last time I looked! Is there still a massive waiting list for customs?
I have a Crook paisley Tele. Fantastic for the money. Has the same pups as BP's blue guitar. Through the Dr Z Maz 18 I can pretty well nail his tone.....chops are another thing!

Call Bill Crook, he's the nicest guy. I paid 2300.00.