im looking to buy an acoustic guitar and i want one that has a nice stain finish like sunburst or something like that but the only finishes are either black or just a natural finish, does anyone know why that is, do different stains cost more, or am i just a moron that hasnt been looking hard enough?
you are a moron, gibson hummingbird comes right to my mind without even looking.
He's not a moron just misled. Just walk into a guitar center, then you'll see. The gibson humming bird is a good example of otherwise finished guitars. Ovation guitars, takamine make allot of different finishes. there's billion. You can do an image search on google. Heck, the internet id full of stuff. (you should check it out)

If you want a look that stands out, you could try the daisy rock guitars.
Acoustic players often look for simple finishes because the acoustic is a simple instrument. If it's made of wood, I prefer mine to look like it. Really flashy finishes are generally left for electrics.

Also, laying on a thick coat of opaque finish drags the guitar sound down a bit. You'll find that most wild looking finishes are found on cheap guitars that look better than they sound.
I see a load of different finishes here, and that's just a small selection from ONE manufacturer...


...and from just one of their models.

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Ibanez just look flashy. No substance in the majority of cases.

Most acoustic guitars aren't so flashy because acoustic guitarists want to be heard more than seen.
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