My friend gave me an oldish archtop guitar for free. However, it couldnt hold tune at all. When I took the strings off, the bridge just fell off. Anyways, I replaced the tuners and glued the nut farther down to lower the action (with Elmers glue). I used plain old school glue for the bridge, and that didn't work.

It's a tailpiece + bridge guitar, like this, but fully hollw:

So should I use gorilla glue or super glue or what?
The bridge is NOT meant to be glued. These bridges just sit on the guitar top, held in place by the strings. The trick is to get it positioned so that the intonation is correct.

Generally, the center of the saddles should line up with the little point in the center of the f-holes in the top, with minor adjustments one way or the other to correct intonation. Getting it aligned with these points should be pretty close to correct intonation, but may require minor (VERY minor) adjustment.

Once you get it set up, you should change your strings one at a time, being careful not to jostle the bridge.
Thank you very much. Now I just need to get strings, which probably isnt happening for a few days.

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