How many of you spend more time on UG than actually playing an instrument?

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UG > Instrument
33 38%
Instrument > UG
25 29%
About even
29 33%
Voters: 87.
So do you?

For me its generally about even, but sometimes I find myself on here more than actually playing


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This is the first time I have posted here in a couple of days, so I would say I spend more time playing my instrument.
i've been using the forum more than i've been playing guitar since i went to college. when i practice guitar it's a 2-3 hour commitment, i can put it down, so i dont really pick it up as much as i used to.
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lately, more UG. i need to restring
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This is the first time I have posted here in a couple of days, so I would say I spend more time playing my instrument.

Is that what you call it?...
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I spend more time on UG cuz I'm on all the time that I am at work so like 8 hours a day average (lol).
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I play guitar while I'm not on UG, and I play guitar while I am on UG.

So, I play guitar more.
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in the last couple days... the pit, but generally playing instrument.
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I actually normally have my guitar in my lap and I play in between typing posts so I do both
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I played guitar today for the first time in a week or so.
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It's much easier to just tell people on the internet that I'm really good at guitar than being good at guitar.
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