im looking into getting a dunlop cry baby i was wondering if this is a good pedal or what i should be looking for in a wah pedal, as for budget, im not going to go crazy and spend $400 on a pedal (which i dont even think is possible) id like to keep it to $120 or less thanks
i heard the Ibanez wah is good, and its 100 bucks new at Guitar Center, but personally i would go for the Dunlop Cry Baby From Hell its about 150 new
I have a Cry Baby and I love it. Try them all and then decide I guess.
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Crybaby from hell is one of the better production wahs I've played. The fulltone clyde is nice too if you're into lower gain sounds. Those are over budget though. For the cheap a crybaby classic or a vox wah would do you good and serve as a nice stepping stone for some mods if you're into that kind of thing.
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with 120 you can get a used Budda Wah i think
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I have heard good things about the Dunlop 535Q wah and how it is very versatile and its just about $120 USD
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Crybaby classic and Vox v847 are pretty good deals. I'd take the Crybaby classic for it's true bypass over the Vox (though the Vox's buffered bypass doesn't suck that much tone)