So i got bored and wanted to download some old gameboy games to my computer to be entertained but
how legal is to use and emulator ?
like and im just plain confused on how they work.
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Emulators are technically legal as long as you own the physical version of the rom you downloaded.
Emulators are perfectly fine to have, the legality issue comes in with the actual roms you download. There's a site called coolrom.com and they just let you download games that have been 'abandoned' and are fine to DL legally. No Super Mario Bros or Sonic, but you still get the good classics.
This could be debatable. How can you "steal" something that isn't made or sold anymore. Truthfully I doubt Nintendo cares since they dont make money from used Game Boy games being sold anyway...
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Yeah, if you own the physical game, your allowed to use emulators and roms. Same for torrents and backups for consoles.

emuparadise for roms, most systems, most games btw.
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who cares the emulator police arent going to come in your house and arrest you. Be Free and DL all the old games you want.
I think it's something like you can have the ROM for 24 hours legally unless you own a physical copy of the game, in which case it's totally fine.
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oh okay sweet XD
Which site has pokemon?
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They are gray area legal. You're supposed to own the games you download, but for that, you're on the honor system. Good luck finding games like mario or pokemon, they can be found, but you have to do quite a bit of hunting around.


Just google Gameboy ROMS.

There used to be an awesome site I can't remember anymore...
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Romhustler is a very good site where you can do this to the fullest extent.
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