I've been playing for about 6-8 months and have got chord progression etcetera down. What should my next step be? I'd think it would be learning finger picking right? What are some good songs to start off with? Also what's the best way to get my fingers stronger for bar chords?

Bob Dylan is a great person to look at when starting guitar. He has a lot of songs that are finger picked. You can usually find the chords for these finger picked songs and just learn to strum them at first. From there, you can work on learning the finger picking patterns.
I'd recommend checking out artists you like and learning a few of their songs/techniques. This way you can start to develop your own style. As for barre chords, the best way to get better is to play them! Just take any normal I IV V progression or any other songs you know and play them using barred chords. And for fingerstyle, starting off, look at Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Leonard Cohen, etc. A lot of folk stuff. And for a bit more of a challenge, look at James Taylor, John Mayer, Tommy Emmanuel. Enjoy.