I want to purchase a distortion pedal but im in a dilemma on which to get. i will be playing guitar in a punk band that plays stuff like black flag and i was wondering if a metal muff would do the job. but i also want a pedal that is versatile because i sure as hell dont want to play just punk, and once the people in the band get good enough, they dont want to either. i know the metal muff is obviously good for metal but will it also give me distortion like the mars volta, or post hardcore distortion like the refused and at the drive-in, and maybe even smashing pumpkins? i would also appreciate suggestions on other pedals, the budget would probably be under 140 dollars.
Get a DS1, you can use it for punk, and blues.. and classic rock.. and hard rock, and metal is you adjust it right.

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And, they're only 30 dollars
You have to list what you're using because no pedal sounds the same with every rig, the only ones that do are either really cheap or really boring to use because when you've done your experiences with it there's nothing new to add to it.

Stay away from boss disto pedals unless you want to upgrade your stuff/playing just like nerds upgrade their world of warcraft characters, use a good, reliable one that will be justified as an investment.

Pedals that can do from metal to blues are either really too expensive for your budgets or fall in the category cited above, it'S either transparent enough to let the guitar's grain be distinguished through or enough gainy to squeal a pinch harmonic real nice, choose your weapon wisely.
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you guys are not asking a very important question

TS, what is your amp?????
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