this was the first song i ever wrote. it's just something i wrote in a couple days for a friend who was going through some hard times with her b/f. i'd much rather write riffs and solos than lyrics, but its always fun to mix things up a bit. totally open to criticism. i'm sure i could use it. thanks mates

if things were the same
would i still be the greatest
addition to your name
and let nothing come between us

would you have broke me instead
charged me of treason
i stand by what i said
"everything happens for a reason"

this life is worth my time now
i won't let it slip away again
hopes restored in what i've found
making up for what could have been

this is my tribute
to my peace and serenity
so that i will no longer miss you
or be afraid to let you be

i've made these changes for me
and i won't let them slip away again
it was my own fault i couldn't see
i've cleared the smoke that blinded me then

i felt so lost
im lost having this sense of direction
insanity is repetition