hey guys

im wondering if anyone has ever seen someone cut and shaped the slot of a single coil slot to hit a humbucker on a stratocaster scratchplate

reason for this is that the single coil on my fat strat has tiny output and although i get a decent tone out of it, i want a slash-esque neck lead sound.

btw my strat has a humbucker in bridge, no middle and just a single coil in the neck - not very stratty. and i know pickups dont do much to alter the sound, a the change to a humbucker will have a fairly significant chage to the sound

thanks in advance fellas

p.s please dont suggest dual rail single coils, i've looked into them already and im just wondering if the above method is possible
it's possible, but why not just get a double bucker pickguard ?
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the scratchplate can be cut with a laminate trimmer, but one thing you should consider is the wood under the scratchplate will need to be routed for the new P/U
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theres sufficient room for a humbucker in the neck position so problem solved

hmm dont wanna dish out cash for a double pucker p/g cause im no electronics wizz and i'll be prone to stuff somethin up hehehe
it's not easy. more then likely you will ruin it. a coping saw could do it with a good hand. a dremel with proper bits. but again it's not easy.

just buy a cheap pickguard


you can get a HSS or HH or HSH there for $12 to $14
Or a HSS pearl for $18

it's alot easier to wire a pickguard then to try and cut one. All you're doing is moving hardware over, dont have to cut any wire or even solder.
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I cut pickguards with a dremel. There are other tools to do it with. Its not hard to do but dont expect beauty. Taking the pickguard off to cut the hole bigger is the same work as replacing the pickguard.