Got an Epi FT 570 Jumbo. Needs a neck reset. I want to do it myself.

I just did my first neck "reset" last week on a laminated top Pan guitar. It was donated just so I could try it. If I turned it into toothpicks, no harm no foul.

The neck had lifted, the saddle had been cut down over the years to compensate for neck rise, and you could drive a truck under the strings, the action was so high.

I read everything I could on the internet, got the tools together, and set about the task.

Turns it everything I read was either about mortise and tenon, or dovetail assembly.

Didn't read anything about dowels! The neck doesn't slide off vertically. It has to be removed horizontally.

Anyway, got it apart, shaved the heel, put it back together....put strings on it, and the neck didn't go flying across the room. Yea!

Am wondering if anyone has taken the neck off a vintage 70's Epi acoustic? I thought I would ask first before I got into it.