Well i'm just an other guys that wanna learn playing guitar,
I won't ask general things as witch guitar etc.. i just need some advice.

I like the ibanez guitars, and i'm between 2 models, Grg170dx or Rg321mh.
Rg is probably better since is more expensive, but does it worth the extra money as a first guitar ? or should i go for the grg ?
Are they good for a first guitar and learning ?

ps: i'll intend to play anything from classic rock up to metal.

Also about amp, from few topics i read here, i'll stay away from line6 spider
i'm actually between Roland cube x15 and x20.
Beside the Watt, ( that 15 is more than enough for my room ) is there anything else on the x20 that worth the extra money ?
Or should i go for the x15 ?

Thanks in advance
the difference between the 15x and 20x is the 20x has effects and a few extra amp models. i personally love my 20x.

as for guitar i'd go for the rg, it's a fine guitar for the price.
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well the cube 20x has reverb chorus and stuff like that whereas the 15x has only four distortions the main difference is that the 15x is analog and the 20x is digital as for a guitar
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well. what is better analog or digital : ?
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depends on what you're looking for, digital sounds/effects tend to sound artificial to some listeners.

As far as the guitars own, I own a GRG170DX Black Night model, that I bought for around 150 dollars. I believe the pickups in GRG170DX are Powersound pickups stock. These are pretty weak to be honest, and even my RG120 has better stock pickups. The RG 120 isn't a bad choice either, it's somewhat comparable to the RG 321, and you can probably find it at a cheaper price than a GRG170DX. Both the GRG170DX and my RG 120 have comparable necks, but I noticed the one on the GRG is slightly thicker. I will admit however that I did like the HSH configuration of the GRG, as the single pickup can deliver some decent tone for clean playing. I set up both my GRG170DX and RG-120, and for whatever reason the GRG tends to fall out of tune much easier than my RG-120 with whammy use or just playing generally.

so for the GRG170DX, here are the pros:
HSH configuration
thin neck
standard trem
sharktooth inlays
5-way pickup selector
24 frets

its cons:
weak bridge pickup
intonation problems

pros for RG-120:
HH configuration, hotter bridge pickup
thinner neck
good intonation
24 frets'
standard trem

I only played the RG-321 briefly, but I'd say it's pretty comparable to the RG-120 (other than pickups and the fixed bridge, maybe), but you might want to make that decision yourself.

If you do buy either of the guitars, you won't regret it
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As i said i'm newbie on this,
Ok, it has few more effects on x20, but are those actually worth the much higher price of it ?
Ok ordered my rg321 and the x20 cube,

But i do have a small Q, when i get the guitar, do i need to take it to a shop for a setup ??
Or ??

And is there any way to understand if it needs a setup ?

most guitars are setup at the factory adn should be fine. my ibanez (s470) was setup up very well, i tweeked some stuff a bit. your guitar needs a setup if you notice something wrong with it.
just play it, if it feels really hard to play and strings are high, just adjust it a little
shops charge alot, but it should come pretty good out of the box
Yeah get the RG it will serve you well I think
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I would go with the Roland 20x and the RG series, the RG's have great necks great for learning and they really sound great.
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