Well last week or so i posted whether i should buy this Fender Hot Rod Deluxe off craigslist, i want jazzy cleans that i can play in the jazz band, but also be able to play classic rock then get heavier with the help of a pedal. so do you think this the right amp for me, i mean its 10 yrs old, American made, so is there anything else that could fit that for the 350$ the guy is asking.
He's sent pics, it looks good, now all i got to do is try it out. but before i make a decision i want to know if this is the best option.

and also if i should buy it, what pedals should i get, i got my metal muff for heavy stuff, but what kind of pedal should i get for jazz stuff, and im thinking about getting a muff/distortion pedal for hendrix type stuff ect, im thinking about a Big muff, dallas arbiter fuzz face, or a OCD fulltone. if im getting the amp, and i should be able to ask for a couple pedals for christmas price range around 200-250$

thanks in advance
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The Fender Deville is a great platform for adding pedals. It will work very well with good quality pedals infront.
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Are You Looking For The Classic 'crunch' Or The Hendrix Fuzz? For Jazz, The Clean Channel Should Suffice.
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is there anything that can do both?

you could sell your metal muff, and then get a jekyll and hyde distortion/overdrive and a fuzz face/big muff. the JNH is a pretty sweet pedal.