agreed....i f'ing love bayside, Jack O'shea is the one of the best lead guitarists of this generation
Saw them play at the islington academy in London last night, they were spot on and tight last night, they played 2nd and thought they slaughtered Hit The Lights, also had the pleasure of meeting them too.

such a humble bunch of guys!
This does belong in the pop-punk / emo forum, but I have to say they are pretty high up in that genre, considering they stand out from all the other emo bands that sound the same and fail hard, because they do things differently, lyrically and musically. Say Anything is another good pop-punk band. But yeah, take this to a different forum, please.
Oh, and the whole story behind "Beatz" (the old drummer) dying is really sad, especially when you hear the lyrics to the song Winter from their acoustic album.