i have a stock crybaby classic and on my new tube amp it has quite a noticable volume increase once turned on, is there a way i can reduce this? say change and bump up the resistor from a 68k to 100k?
or any other ways on the crybaby classic circuit board people know of.
or anyone that knows somebody that mods wah's that i could ask.
and i can't use another pedal say an EQ coz i don't want to have to turn it on and off everytime i use the wah, massive pain.
all help appreciated
Theres a resister you can change that will affect the volume. You can experiment with different resisters or put in a trim pot. I went with a trim pot so it can be tweaked if needed versus trying to get the right resisiter. "Wah pedal mods" search will find several good pages with pictures to show the right resister.
Simple volume control would be to wire in a 100K pot at the output , but you would want this to go before whatever bypass it is in a crybaby (without a schematic I can't be certain). I suggest you trace back from the output jack's tip and see where the signal path goes. Then trace forward from the input jacks tip and see where the two meet, it's probably at a stompswitch of some sorts. Trace from the stompswitch to the circuit board, and that's most likely to be the bit you would want to put the volume pot.

Wire like this:

lug 1 - ground
lug 2 - input of switch
lug 3 - output of circuit board.
Ultimate Wah Modding thread...

And yes, bump up the input resistor (stock is 68k). Try something like 86k first. 100k might be too high. A little goes a long way here.

Please post future wah modding questions in the wah modding thread.
thanx guys will look at the resistor first then try wiring in a like a volume dial pot i can attach to the side like the 535q