I was looking at a modded TS9 at my local shop b/c I'm looking for an OD? What exactly does it mean when it's Keeley modded? Does it give it a true bypass or something? Also would that particular pedal be worth buying compared to a Maxon OD808?
Robert Keeley has his own mods that he does to pedals, they're for things like upgraded components, more gain, different voicings, etc. Kind of like hot rodding pedals
So what would you think they did to the TS9? More gain? If it's that I wouldn't wanna pay the extra cash b/c I'm just looking for something to give me a volume boost, my 6505 has all the gain I need.
he has tons of mads here check this out.
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if he did the baked mod it has 3 times more gain on time. is like the gain channel gos from 4-14 as opposed to 0-10

or if he did the mod plus it has a wider range of gain selections compared to a stock ts9

get it

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Also if you just looking at a volume boost there's a few models that have a pretty good boost in the level department as well. Example, my stock TS9 was very limited in the level department. But my Keeley flexi has a ton of level on tap with a ton of gain to boot.