Hello all,

I have a Squire Strat & Squire Acoustic, but I've decided to try to learn slide guitar on one or the other, see which works best for me. I'm an ABSOLUTE beginner to guitar playing, fullstop, so more than a bit confused as to what strings would best suit my guitars, does anyone have an opinion to offer, I understand the gauges need to be thicker than for conventional fretting, but cant make a choice. I think @ present the Strat has 9-42 lights & the acoustic 10-47, from what i can gather these will resonate too much? To add to the confusion is the slide(s) themselves, matching a slide to the strings, has just got my head spinning!! Any recommendations for string & slides combination which would give a good match for a beginner. I have large fingers so a large slide will suit, i think, int diameter 22-23mm. Glass & steel or brass slide I would like to try, but....
Now doubt this will bring up the subject of raising the action?!

Prob should go to my local guitar shop, but feel a bit dense. My bad! Just some pointers would be REALLY appreciated, just so I can walk in store, feeling, shall I say "slightly less dense".

My thanks in advance,


This looks like the best place for the topic, apologies if not.
ive tried alot of different strings, and i think its an individual opinion what kinds of strings that suits you best.

personally i like light strings the best
break on through
use the guitar with the highest string height.

as for a slide. a heavy slide sounds best but it will take a while to get control so go for a glass/pyrex slide to start off with.
Thank you please.