I currently have a JCM 2000 DSL 100 with a 1960A cab and am looking to switch to a Mesa. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on what kind of Mesa I should look at. So far, I have been looking at the Stiletto Deuce but I'm not sure if that will get me the sound I'm looking for. I play alternative/punk/rock/pop music. For example Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, Starting Line, New Found Glory, The Used, etc.

Thanks for all the help!
well could go for the usual Single or Duel rec. you could go for a triple rec but in all reality why would you need 150 watts of mesaa power?
As the first guy said, go for a Single or Dual Rec. Dual if you need/want 100 watts of power, Single if you're fine with 50 (and 50 watts tube, as I'm sure you know, is plenty).