Hi everyone!! im having a little bit of trouble with my metal muff pedal, for some reason the pedal wont work even with the 9v adapter plugged in, it worked a few days ago.

I opened up the pedal and ther was a battery inside it

I tookthe battery out, and tried the pedal, the red LED works and shows that its on but theres no sound and if i turn distortion to the max i get a clean sound :/

Ive tried tweaking with the knobs but so far all i get is a clean sound :S

does the pedal only work if i have a battery and a power cable inside? or is it somethign wrong with the pedal :/

thanks so much in advance!!
mine works fine with a dead battery in it and a power supply plugged in, sounds broken to me :| how long have you had it ??
well ive have the pedal for about a month, it worked fine for a while, then on saturday it wouldnt work all of a sudden, and hasnt worked since then :/
ive had mine the same sort of time, mines fine. Id go and get it looked at where ever you got it from. Hardware usually has 12 months on it to be returned for replacement
Yeah, im gonna get it looked at tomroow, hopefully its not too bad and i wont have to pay for it :/ thanks for your help ^^
1. You should always take the battery out when you use an adapter
2. Check the wires running from the battery and the place where you connect the adapter. If any of them are loose, you can re-solder them.
3. If not it's probably another component on the board.
4. If you're not comfortable with electronics - take it back to where you bought it and get them to fix or replace it.

5. This should be in the Guitar Gear and Accessories Forum

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Thanks man ^^ uh sorry bout this being in the wrong palce :/ i jsut joined today so im not too sure whats what