Hey well, I've been checking everywhere and all I ever see that come up are 'bass slap' songs, and tabs ect.
I already have all the basics down, I know some Flea bass songs and I've learned a Miyavi song.

I wanna be able to jam some fun songs.
And not those soothing tapping songs like Justin King or Andy McKee, I want a hard pure 'slap and pop' song.

Any suggestions, please?
Songs, artist. Not bass please.
Come up with your own slaps then. Maybe try to move some of what you know from Flea on to a six string acoustic. The same technique you use for bass isn't going to work as well on guitar.
check out victor wooten guitar battle maybe some stu ham
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Haha, wouldn't you know it. Of course I've played Flea songs on a six string acoustic, but it's not satisfying, cuse of course it's not meant for six strings and it's a little bit harder to pull off as the strings are a lot closer and you can't slap the 5th string as clear as a bass 3rd string.

I just checked out some Jinmo, it sounds like when I fail at sweeps.

I've seen Victor Wooten and yeh, I don't want anything bass affiliated atm.. D:<

Yeh, I just made up a song 2 nights ago, I like jazzy / funky riffs.
Rage Against the Machine are goood, just wished Tom Morello could slap too.

Well, I already learned this and it was actually my first slap song;

These kinda slap songs!
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