hey guys probly not the right thread but idn im new to this lol

So my band is starting to get more serious and im goin to be our singer

should we get a small PA system so we can hear me and my back up singers
its only a small 2 speaker 700 dollar system(australian dollars)

What are your guys thoughts on PA systems for bands and do u think we should get one?


thats our bands space



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If it's getting that serious, spend some decent money on a decent PA.
Get one that will last a lifetimes.
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If you're going to have band practices, it's kind of pointless without vocals. You need at the very least a couple of wedges so you can use them as monitors. The wedges can become the foldback for a bigger system for gigs later on, so the money will be well spent.

However when you're starting out you may find rehearsal studios very good value. Most rehearsal studios consist of a soundproof airconditioned room, with a PA. Usually it'll have a fridge as well for essentials, and often a house drum kit and backline. Split between the band as a weekly expense it can work out cheap. It tends to make everyone much more disciplined about turning up and playing at a set time, because the studio booking isn't flexible. Also in a soundproof room on an industrial estate, there's no neighbours to complain.

I do suggest that only one member of the band purchase the PA, otherwise it'll get really messy as band members come and go if the ownership issue's a bit vague. It's best if one person straight out owns it.

What part of Australia are you from?
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