hi all,

I am presently at work *groan* and dont have access to my favourite links.

A friend here at work is learning guitar and I remember that I had bookmarked a site that was pretty good for beginners. It played the song in midi at the same time as showing the whole tracks tab and moving a little bar down the tab to each note as it is played on the midi. You could slow it down etc.
I cannot remember what the site is called. It a mainly a white colour scheme, not a massive amount of tracks but a lot of good ones.

Its not chordie....or 911tabs...

If it rings anyones bells could they post the url in a reply? I would apreciate it!


What a fantastic answer! ;P

I would never have thought of that lol - yeah I looked - couldnt see it.

Hence the post
Powertab maybe? That's a program rather than a site though. It's also possible that the site has been closed down. A lot of tab sites were recently shut down because they contravened international copyright laws (this wasn't 'cos it's based in good ol' Russia :P)
That may be the case...
I can check it as soon as I am home but was hoping this would jog someones memory so I could pass the url to my friend before I leave for the day (I only have his work email and wanted to do it while I remember)

Any other suggestions anyone?