Hey, the band I'm currently with has been writing riffs and melodies, but hasn't really got any lyrics to go with the songs, so I tried my hand at writing for the first time, and these are what I came up with ( I'll post the other 2 at a later date. ) These aren't really suited to our particular style though, so we'll have to come up with others. I just wanted to know what you guys think of my first attempt at writing. I was kind of going for progressive kind of lyrics ( which is partly why i don't have any real choruses and the songs are fairly short ) and this is the first lyrics I've ever really tried to write a song so CC would be much appreciated for the future .
Also, the songs kind of develop into the final one, so it will make a little more sense when they are all posted.

[Black Swans]

The atmosphere is set
For the atonement of your past atrocities
Sacrificing yourself as repayment
For the lives that were not yours to take

As the time draws nearer
A solitary swan
Dark as an angel pure
Arrives to oversee proceedings

Now one of many
Perched atop gallows, waiting
As the knots are tightened
9 black swans take flight
As 9 angels descend from unseen perches
Angels of indescribable beauty, descend to bestow their blessings
With halos as black as their true intentions
Angel's stone
Obnoxious truth? Blatant lies? Begin to divine paranoia's guise.
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