Okay, I have a bunch of exercises I have used for ages and I'm bored with them and need some more challenging ones.

Alternate picking:
I do the 4 finger chromatic thing up and down and also some of the variations in Steve Vai's 10 hour workout (which slow me down a lot!).
I have some licks taken from various songs - a fast picked bit from the middle of The Attitude Song, and some other scalar runs

Fairly new to this so I just run through some shapes - minor & major five string sweeps, three string shapes with hammer on-pull offs.
Don't really know how to work these into a solo or song yet, just building up the speed.
I also invented my own exercise which is something like


then moving up the fret board (I also do this alternate picked as well).



as a variation.

So, any bits I can nick from songs or use for exercises?

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