ML Dean ML FBD came with some crappy liscenced Floyd thats already ****ed up on me, so I'm getting a Schaller original one.
2 problems:
I might have to fit it myself - is it recomended i take it to a shop instead?
Whats the diference between an R2/R4 locking nut? Will i have to buy a new one for use with this Floyd?


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If you don't know what you are doing then take it to a shop and get it done, if you try it yourself you might cause some irreparable damage.
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1. The schaller may not fit, but I'm pretty sure a regular OFR will fit.

2. You can keep the existing locking nut. R2, R4 etc is the width of the nut.

That being said...

The licensed floyd on your Dean is pretty damn good. It is made by Ping, and the baseplate is hard as **** and the sustain block is made of brass.

I own three guitars with the exact same floyd: two Squier Stagemasters, and a Yamaha RGX 420S Drop 6. Properly set up, they will stay in tune for weeks with regular play/practice, the feel and flutter is just as sweet as anything else, and the sustain is just as good if not better than OFR.

I also own an Ibanez RG 520 with original edge, and a few high-end Yamaha's -- all my guitars have floyds.

Out of curiosity, what happened to your floyd?

If you absolutely want to swap it, then atleast sell it to me (: