EDIT: Hello everyone. I'm still pretty newbie about guitars. Uhm, >.<

I basically need help on buying my first guitar. After some researching i want to have a semi-acoustic/electro guitar but i'm finding it hard* to differentiate between a warm and bright tone of sound. I'm looking for a sound similar to -

Aria the Rainbow

My budget is £600 could anyone recommend me any series / inform me what wood i should be looking for my desired sound.
Thanks in advance fellow guitarists.
Wait - so semi-hollow electric guitar or semi-electric acoustic guitar?

For the semi-hollow electric, I suggest either a PRS SE Custom or Epiphone Dot. Sorry if they're out of your range. Basically some kind of thing with hummers and not P90s.

If you actually meant electro/acoustic guitar (as in acoustic guitar with electric qualities), then fuck knows. I don't know shit about acoustic guitars sorry except that Babicz is good and that you might want to have a loook at Ovation guitars.

Sorry for rant. Hope I helped.

EDIT: Just watched the video you linked - I'm an idiot. Definitely check out Ovation - thats about all I can do to help.