This may look a little bit like shameless self advertising. Thats because it pretty much is.
In anycase, this artlcle of mine will hopefully be beneficial to some players


Its currently still in the works. I intend to add a few more tips (something about setting goals for instance)

Tips and advise on improving said article would be appreciated.

P.S. I know Practise is spelled practice to you lot. I'm English. I use English English.
Can't read it.. too distracted by the practising. Kinda OCD.
There's something living in these lines.
Dude no offense but I'm not English and I write better than you. First, you have awfully lot grammar mistakes. Second, when writing an article, write the effin words down! No "propa' ", "keepin' " or " 'em". You're not writing an SMS, you're writing an article!
yeah post it in the guest columns. It's pretty interesting stuff that a lot of novices could use. I wish I'd known stuff like this when I started playing, but that was 4 years ago. But I can use some of it for the guitar class that I teach in school.
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