Well someone has a Devlin Wraith on my local craigs list for 50 bucks. I have never heard of these guitars. But i am tempted to buy it, 50 bucks aint nothing. But i was just wondering if any of you have any experience with Devlin guitars? If nothing else i was thinking it might be good to take camping and stuff. If anything at all happeneed to it, who cares... I will say the pictures of the guitar do look kinda cool.
Get it, cuz I have a Devlin Inferno, and it's the best guitar I've bought.

You need to break in the pickups for it to get a solid sound, but still get it. The Devlin Wraith are actually on sale for 219.95 I think from stock at a local guitar store.

I'd definitely get it man, for sure.
Well for 50 bucks, if the guitar is even any good at all i could buy some pickups off of guitarfetish. I have been doing some research on the wraith. It claims to be a set neck basswood body guitar. The picture of the one i am looking at getting is a blue guitar with flames on it. I would maybe sand it down and stain in or repaint it myself. I have always wanted a guitar to just mod out and take apart and make it my own. and for 50 bucks, it really dont matter if i screw it up.
Grab it! I have a Devlin Interceptor and it's amazing. If it has their signature Splitfire pups they are really good. I love the way they sound.

Of course give it a good going over check to make sure the neck is OK and it plays well. If it passes inspection take it home for $50.00 I would buy it in a heartbeat!

The add says it does have the devlin spitfire pups. He claims it is bran new. Bought it a few years ago, tried to play it, broke a string, put it away, never learned how to play. And now he needs some fast cash. I am trying to call him, no one answers yet!
Good luck on it I hope you score it most om my best deals was off Craigs List and if you score it post pics. Like I said I would buy it in a heartbeat and I wouldn't even try to negotiate that price. I like those pups, don't know who makes them for Devlin but they really sound great for what I like to play. I never asked Carey at Devlin who makes them, maybe I'll fire off an Email to him and see if he can tell me.