The weak will fall

it's my latest work. i didn't have any ideas for 1 month or so. Here it is... a slower thing. Hope you enjoy it, i will give crit if you do it for me ^^ hope it's clear.

No main influences there.
That was pretty excellent my dear friend.
I only had one beef or maybe 2.

The 1st is why use the 22/24th fret and stuff on the low strings (eg. A and D) when u could use a lower more accessible fret on a higher tuned string...

Thats not really a problem with the song just the tab.

The problem I had with the song was in the tapping in the outro.
That double 15(G) tap at the end was a pain in the ass and can't be done. To take your finger off to tap it twice it would automatically play a 13(F) then the 15 you retap. I would suggest changing it to 16th triplets, or making it decend than ascend. Like 15p13p10h15p13p10h13 repeated, plus i think the latter sounds more melodic.

Just my 2 cents.
Crit one in my sig if you like.