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Blue H1001
30 67%
Amber H1000
15 33%
Voters: 45.

€850, ESP locking tuners, SD Custom-5/Jazz w/ five way Ultraswitch

€750, Sperzel locking tuners, SD JB/'59

Basicly, it's cockstock or no cockstock. Both are new. I prefer the electronics on the H1001, but the H1000 is a lot cheaper and electronics are changed a lot easier than headstocks.
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I'd take the blue one anyday;

Chrome look's better with the inlay/ binding and blue flamed maple.

Headstock is a million time's better looking than the other one.

The all black pick up's look better aswell.
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I think those are good guitars, although I never played one, but I just hate that binding

Edit: I'd eventually buy the 1000, but just because I like that "sunburst" finish
they're both pretty tasty, I'd have to go with blue, also though
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blue hands down, the sunburst with all the abalone is not very pretty

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blue based on headstock and 5 way switch for me
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Blue. Nicer headstock, great pickups and electronics, cool body carving.
I've owned two LTD DELUXE guitars and never really liked the binding on the fretboard. There's just something about them that bother me. Abalone is pretty as heck, though

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I've owned two LTD DELUXE guitars and never really liked the binding on the fretboard. There's just something about that them that bothers me. Abalone is pretty as heck, though

ESP/LTD binding is ugly as anything.
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