I previous owned a Fender Tornado GT HH w/ SD 59' n Pearly Gates pickups.
Now I'm in process of getting a new guitar.
I am planning to spend about $500-1000USD, since any guitar over that, I'm afraid to play it as my primary guitar. I will scare to make it dirty, etc..

So I looked into the ESP LTD Viper 400..
It has EMG 81/85 pickups.. do you think it will capable to play GNR songs, like November Rain, Sweet Child O'Mine?
And also songs like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2K47Lm9WHI (that guy uses SD SH-6 in this video)

I mostly listen to Led Zeppelin, GNR, X Japan, Metallica, Paul Gilbert...

I guess EMG 81 will be mostly for metal stuff, should probabily be capable to sound like the youtube link above.

What about the EMG 85?
Can it sound like the solo @3:25 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL2FjssXY9g

Or will it be too heavy? I think EMG 81 might be too thin to sound like that.

Or guitar with Seymour Duncan would be better??

Thanks in advance.
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I am not a big fan of LTDs but I think it would suit your purposes well. I have a friend who uses the 81/85 EMGs in his LP and he is in a G&R Tribute band and I think his guitar sounds amazing when they are playing.

A lot of it is going to depend on your amp as well and how good you are with the settings and adjusting it to get the right sound.

Well i have a little LTD viper200fm. And its great. And the one you are looking at is even better. I say go for it!
Yeah.. I know guitar amp makes the more difference than the guitar.
But I just worry whether the EMG will be to heavy for other stuff..
Like whether it can sound like the second youtube link above..

I would also prefer ESP than the LTDs.. but ESP Viper Custom is $3300 while the LTDs is $5xx-6xx..
With the LTDs, I can practise as much as I can, dirts will build up eventually, cleaning the fretboard seems to be hard...

Thanks John

IPlaySchecter, glad to hear you like your LTD
Well if it is too heavy sounding for your taste, you can always change out the pickups. It really is a nice guitar, and they look awesome. For what you need just get the LTD for now. The ESP's are to much money. And cleaning the fretboard is not hard at all on any guitar. And if you are worried about getting your fretboard dirty, just simply wash and dry your hands really good before you play. I dont do that, I just play when i want. Fretboard cleaning is not a big deal at all. I kinda like em feeling a little dirty.
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Cleaning the fretboard shouldn't be hard. Just take off all the strings when it's time to change them and wipe down the neck.
When dirt builds up, they are stick to it, and I have to use some sharp thing like a credit card to scratch those dirt out.. I always scare to scratch the fretboard..

Am I doing it wrong?
maybe look at an epi. flying v. playd one once, seemed VERY versitile
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Now Im thinking to get EMG81/85.. or SB SH-6 or SB 59/JB......
Its so hard to choose..
Maybe thats why people getting a few guitar becoz they can't achieve all in one guitar...
duncans one, and im an active guy :P
the ec500/1000 with duncans will be your best bet