ok so i've been thinking quite a bit about buying a nice new marshall half stack so i have a good relyable amp. the other day i played my first major gig and we did great it has brought my band all sorts of connections but thats a diffrent story. so i played that gig with a 65 watt crate combo and everything went great the sound was great, the songs were great, and we played great. so im just wondering if i need a nice marshall half stack?
Ey if you and ur band liked the sound, then you don't need 1. Unless you think it sounds better then ur current amp.

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There's not really any reason you'd want a halfstack over a combo, unless you prefer the extra "body" it gives to your sound. Halfstacks are louder, which makes it less easy to crank your amp without producing too many dB. In live situations, your amp will always be hooked up to the PA anyway..